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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 10, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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it's toouds s tuesday, november 10th and coming up on "early today," president obama's immigration plan has suffered a major set back. and toppled by a grad student student. a high speed chase and an oklahoma city police officer's attempt to stop an v driver. and a preview of tonight's gop debate. thncht the start of a change for these killer whale shows. "early today" starts right now. good morning, everybody.
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late last night, a major set back and his plan to protect those living in united states illegally. and a vote was 2-1, president obama laid out his executive action a year ago and would have delayed deportation for lot of people including children brought across the border illegally. republicans argued it was over reach and with this latest setback, it's unknown if it will ultimately succeed. president obama may not be in office to see it through. dozens of boycotting football players are headed back to the university of missouri
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nbc's jacob has those details. >> reporter: after two months of anger and unrest on campus, an announcement as sudden as stunning. >> i'm resigning as president of the university of missouri system. >> reporter: and hours later, the chancellor announced he will be stepping down at is this end of the year. students say this semester has been plagued with incidents of ralths huh racial harassment. in september, the black student body president said a group of white students had shouted the "n" word at him. >> i'm walking down the street and someone shouts it at me again. >> reporter: they say a swastika left on a wall and the university's reaction was infuriating.
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enough to bring some to tears. and pro enough proprotest tester jonathan butler to end his hunger strike. and last year's riots in away. weekend, a photograph worth a thousand protests. the football team backed by their coaching staff refusing to play until the president was out. now back in the game. >> please, please, use this resignation to heal. not to hate. and let's move forward together for a brighter tomorrow. >> now president's wolf 's resignation is effective immediately.
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match. and things are heated. donald trump is getting vicious with ben carson and rubio's camp is saying bring it on. meanwhile, hillary clinton officially filed for the new hampshire primary. and they've never indorsed a candidate this early in the process. some of ben carson's fellow candidates aren't exactly sticking up for him. >> reporter: he says he's been scrutinized more than any other candidate candidate. and some of his republican opponents say he's got be to able to take the heat. listen. >> and i heard him this morning say he's been more scrutinized than anybody in this race, is he kidding? >> if you try and hit your mother over the head with a
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hammer, your poll numbers go up. i never saw anything like it. >> reporter: that's donald trump, of course, he'll be senlt center stage with ben coursen, carson could also face more question about claims he's made about his past, about a west point scholarship that he never applied for, and discrepancies, how or when or if that ever happened about his violent youth and number of other things that he says are irrelevant 20 or 30 years later and he just continues to be hounded with questions about that. and watching for jeb bush and marco rubio. will they tangle again? the flor idians we saw in the last debate and they're both cart courting an indorsement from walker.
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night on the eve of this debate, an indorsement for either of them could bring much needed support, especially from evangelicals. >> we'll be watching, thank you. an oklahoma police officer is happy to be alive after becoming a target during a high-speed chase. he was preparing to lay spike strips when the suspect drove towards him and he fired his weapon that suv an act the police chief describes as deliberate. >> that wasn't the sound of braking. the suspect made the intentional turn towards the officer. >> the officer suffered minor injuries. back up arrived and they were able to arrest the suspect, 41-year-old stacey ann bunsy after a short scuffle. charles greenhouse jr. and
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for a shooting that killed a critically injured his father. he was laid to rest in mississippi yesterday. and hughes said his client's condition is improving but has not yet been told that his son has died. they confirm that he had no outstanding warrants. and they say the shooting occurred at the end of a pursuit. and he says while he has not seen a police body camera video, he believes it will show his client's hands were up at the time of the shooting. and he's the son of a local district attorney whose office has recused itself from the case. it is a stunning announcement from seaworld, they say they plan to phase out their
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killer whale show in their san diego show and all this coming after criticism of their treatment of orcas in captivity. and they've seen declining attendance especially since the documentary "blackfish" sparked world wide out rage. and they replace what they call a more informative and more natural setting for the orca. so, far no announcements for changes at other seaworld parks. a new painting by italian artist sold for a monday, now a private chinese collector purchased it at christy's reclining nude is the second highest price ever for a work of art. a the highest was a picoso that
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sold for 179 million. and the previous modigliani had sold for 70 million. and a wet weather system moved through nevada. and as much as a foot of snow is expected in parts of the area and you can see early ski season skiers. they are loving every minute of this. bill karins is watching as well. and it doesn't come in the form of rain but they'll take it anyway they can. well, the weather maps are going to be active, especially tomorrow and possible blizzard conditions, colorado and ksz ansas. this is tropical storm kate, 60 miles per hour. not go being a problem for anyone. and heading to southern new jersey steady rain and
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heavy rains will be in central pennsylvania and maybe minor travel delays, only about a quarter to a half an inch from boston to d.c. it's a nice, calm before the storm type day but that storm is kicking through the central planes and tomorrow is when we expect the possibility of a severe weather outbreak. and sometornados. it's possible they'll st. louis and central missouri. don't want anyone being caught by surprise. that's your national wealther and now a closer look at the day ahead. so, for today you can see the cloudy kind of dreary skies expected from cleveland to pittsburgh all the way across the philadelphia. and in the deep south, we're
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welcome back everybody. a fraternity at the university of virginia is suing rolling stone magazine for $25 million for definition. they were part of a defunct article that claimed a gang rape and rolling stone formerly retracted the story and issued a an apology np . the suit is also against the
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and rolling stone has cl d clined to comment on the lawsuit. and images from nasa's new horizon spacecraft, it appears volcanoes on pluto spew ice. nothing like this has been seen in our solar system. and an update on the 37 cases of ecoaly and chipotle can reopen on wednesday. to the stunning headline now ripped right from the cold war. a bomb shell from international investigators they're accusing russia of widespread cheating. here's nbc's stephanie gosk.
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olympics, breath gold and bronze medals in the 800 meter went to the russians. now those two athletes face a possible lifetime ban from international competition, part of what a new report calls systematic doping and a deeply rooted cheating in russian athletics. >> we found samples in the laboratories, payments of monies in order to conseal doping cysts. >> reporter: the report concludes that the london games were in a sense sabotaged. during the 2014 sochi olympics, they posed as technicians and the antidoping association recommends the russian
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cleans house and that could mean missing out on the olympics in rio rio. time now to get down to business. big news at ford motor. ford and uaw have a tentative deal. every worker would get a signing bonus and that translates into over 8500 jobs. later today fast food workers in cities across america are seeking higher wages and union rights and many are hoping to get the attention of the candidates ahead of the gop debate. and could the hawks seal the deal? plus some late game heroics on look at you, saving money on your medicare part d prescriptions. at walgreens, we call that "carpe med diem."
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this morning on "today" the deadly crash of that russian jetliner inege mntd egypt is raising questions about security. and san diego is a major military city and qualcomjoined in the salute to service month.
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trying to snap losing streaks. and river connecting on a easy pass. and later, bears down. >> second and 10. find the pocket. finds zack miller, one hand. chicago leads. >> let's see that again. a beautiful acrobatic one hand grab put the bears on top for good, handing the chargers their fifth consecutive loss. and the hawks are riding a seven-game winning streak. the hawks, they clawed their way backup backup. t- t-wolves take this one. and a new installment is already in the works. plus, does she or doesn't she?
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and she said the biggest milestone was getting her first authentic id. my gross ones are probably i don't wash my hands after i go to the bathroom. >> she set the record straight that she does in fact wash her hands. and in trying to gross out her fans, she told them that she doesn't. and "of course, i wash my hands after i go to the bathroom. i can't believe i put myself in a situation whereby i would have to say that." and d.j. arch jr. is only 3 years old but all ready becoming a
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>> christa: good morning, it's not monday. started today on "7 news today in new england." >> jadiann: so boston police searching for a stabbing suspect who escaped a swat standoff last night. officers had an apartment in roslindale surrounded but he jumped from a third floor windy and ran away. >> christa: a man accused of driving drunk and purposely causing a crash that killed a mansfield electrician is due in court today. police calling this a case of road rage. >> jadiann: it's video you saw first on 7. surveillance cameras catching the moment two boston police officers were taken on a wild
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that suspect was in court yesterday. both of those officers are expected to be okay. >> christa: concussions known as the invisible injury but we're taking you to a lab in massachusetts working on a test that can make a diagnosis right after someone suffers one. it could be a game-changer. if you have a child who plays in sports, stick around to that story. >> jadiann: we're talking about the weather this morning and i tell you what, we have rain in the forecast and lots of changes. >> christa: okay, chris, i know you'll keep up us to date. >> chris: it's been a while since i've had to keep you up to date on rainfall but we have rain this afternoon. 36 in boston, lower to middle the first in the suburbs. it's quiet, no rain for the morning commute though we have clouds thickening up. sony sunshine early this morning here is going to fade away as clouds thicken up. the rain is south of long island, slow to move north,
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order to but the rain is creeping up and i expect showers to approach the south coast of new england by noontime. so cape and the islands, buzzards bay by lunchtime, rain settling in. most of the showers will be south of the mass pike so boston through worcester north into southern new hampshire. the rain will fill in this evening and overnight. it becomes steadier and heavy pockets of rain at times overnight. the wind will increase first out of the east-northeast then out of the north tomorrow. there's a wind advisories in place along the coastline, north shore, south shore, cape and the islands through 4:00 tomorrow afternoon so we have a lot of rain and wind to talk about tomorrow. more on that as "7 news today in new england" starts right now. >> christa: now at 5:00 a.m., a manhunt under way after a suspect involved in a police
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standoff makes an escape. >> jadiann: one person is dea


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